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To raise awareness about Wasa’s CSR work “Good for you, good for the planet,” Spinn created a Limited Edition of some of Wasa’s most popular roundbread, Surdeg Gourmet and Krögarens. The design on the packaging, which is a tribute to Wasa’s love for nature, was made by Lotta Kühlhorn.

A campaign with nature in focus
For Wasa, nature and sustainability are important parts of the business. The bakery in Filipstad is powered by wind and hydropower, and some of the breadcrumbs and dough that are left over from the baking are converted into biogas in a plant in Örebro. The gas is then used as environmentally friendly fuel for the local public transport buses. Kühlhorn felt a strong commitment to the mission:
– I get inspiration from nature´s colors and forms, she says. One day in the woods gives me so much. In addition, the colors come out so well, because the trees keep away the brightest light. It was so fun to do this Wasa pattern.

Doubling sales and follow-up campaign
It wasn’t only Spinn, Lotta and Wasa who appreciated the limited design edition. The response from consumers was beyond all expectations, with a total of 103 % sales increase in volume of Surdeg Gourmet 300 g compared with the same period last year. The Krögarens Måltidsknäcke increased by 37 % in sales volume. The great result has made Wasa choose to produce a similar Limited Edition campaign for the upcoming Christmas.


increase in sales volume


Designer Lotta Kühlhorn, who is also designing the new Limited Edition from Wasa that will be released this Christmas.

Photo by
: Anna-Lena Ahlström

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