Time to change your socks!

Kund - Mabs

As the use of athletic compression wear has increased substantially during the last years, Mabs – the leading Nordic brand in medical grade compression socks – saw the opportunity to expand its market by making people understand that they can benefit from using compression socks in their everyday life as well. In order to do so, Spinn was asked to create an integrated brand building campaign, featuring TVC and digital, to increase sales and build awareness of the benefits of using compression socks outside of sports related situations.

The idea behind the film is a manifesto, stating that people should stop accepting their everyday suffering from tired legs and swollen feet – with the unexpected twist that it’s all just about changing your socks. The primary target group was men and women, 35-55 years of age, with physically demanding jobs. The secondary target group was those with sedentary jobs.

In addition to the main TVC, we also produced a number of 10 second price offer films, tailored to each of the main pharmacy retailers where Mabs compression socks were on offer during the campaign period.


Andra case