Making the perfect match

Kund - Systembolaget

The Swedish Alcohol Monopoly, Systembolaget, are commissioned by the government to sell alcohol in a responsible way and by that minimize the malign effects of alcohol. However Systembolaget are also dependent on a strong appreciation from its customers, otherwise it would be voted away. Today Systembolaget are renowned for its high level of service and knowledge, and Spinn’s most important objective is to create communication that emphasize on that. In this specific case we were asked to develop in-store communication that launched the new digital service “Vad passar till?”, “What goes to what”. The digital service on Systembolagets website helps customers to combine drinks with food. But since we are not legally prohibited to inspire increased consumption the effect must be an increasing customer satisfaction index, not sales.

Working with Systembolaget has given us many interesting insights on how shoppers interact with a combination of instore and digital communication.

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