How do you get somebody to care for yet another new taste?

Kund - Swedish Match

A strong brand can easily launch a new product to their already loyal fanbase, but for more or less the price of the cannibalism on the big seller. So – how do you reach a new audience instead? Spinn and Swedish Match faced the question around their non-tobacco brand Onico. The insight that made the answer was: taste.

Classic Onico is chosen by a superior tobacco-experience without tobacco. By launching a flavored product, Onico could reach the ones who was looking for a different taste-experience, for example licorice – a popular and trendy taste.

From the insight to build the campaign on the differences between people – we created the creative idea for the campaign. The people in Sweden pronounce the word “licorice” in two different ways, with a short or a long A. By focusing on this, we had a story to build in to the integrated campaign which involved TV, digital channels and in the stores. In an effective way it made the focus on the primary quality for the product – the taste of licorice.


biggest product in the category in 3 months


cannibalism on the bigseller

Total integration
Kampanjen omfattade insatser i TV, digitala medier, utomhus, trade- och säljstöd, butiksexponering, aktivering av sponsorskap, och förpackningsdesign. Spinn koordinerade utvecklingen och tog hjälp av begåvade specialistbyråer och producenter för att maximera kvalitet och effekt i alla kanaler.


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