New communication concept for Bausch+Lomb

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The world’s largest global eye care brand has had a negative trend in sales of contact lenses in the Nordic market. Spinn got the challenging task to reverse the trend and have the opticians recommend Bausch+Lomb’s latest contacts to a greater extent.




potential new customers to opticians in Sweden, Norway and Denmark

Opticians – a key target group
Unlike buying new glasses, where you usually have a good idea about what kind of look, frame and brand you are looking for, the opticians are key when trying out new contacts. You simply buy the lenses you are recommended. Therefore, we needed a communication concept that was just as relevant for opticians as for end consumers.

Communicative challenge and opportunity
You can´t see any difference between brands, newly developed and old contacts. Lenses are simply generic. And that goes for the communication in the category as well which is very undiversified, making it hard for consumers to understand the difference between competing products. Therefore, we clearly needed to create our own expression to stand out and dramatize the difference between the competition and Bausch + Lomb’s contacts.

Insight, the foundation of the concept
After some research and digging we found something interesting: 75% of all contact lenses sold in the Nordic countries are made of a material that was developed more than 10 years ago. And the best-selling contact lens´ material was developed in the mid-90s. Consumers simply use contacts that are not as functional and comfortable as they could be – in other words, out of date contacts.

And from this insight the new communication concept was born – modern lenses.

The journey from salesforce to end customer
We started off by engaging Bausch+lombs own salesforce with an invitation to their own sales conference with a message from the big Boss, recorded on used VHS-tapes, to make the concept come alive. And prior to the important sales meetings with the opticians, we created curiosity by anonymously sending personal mails to the opticians.  And when the sales rep met with the optician, we had created a new sales kit on the theme. We also produced ads and trade show material, including a popular quiz where we were mocking the competition for their obsolete contact lens material.

Consumers were faced by similar messages in ads, in-store communication, and through social media ads that were linked to native articles on a campaign site with “find your nearest optician” feature.

So how did it go?
Well, the campaign generated 3 million impressions and over 2500 likes and comments. Click through rate (CTR) from facebook ads was 3.24% and over 92 000 unique users visited the articles on the campaign landing page. 29% clicked on “find your optician” after reading one of the articles. And not least 27,000 potential new customers to opticians in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

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