Mission: Greater Baking Joy

Kund - Jästbolaget

Jästbolaget was the superior market leader in the yeast category with a 98 % value share of market. This trend, however, was declining. It was clear to Jästbolaget that the different sub-brands, communication platforms and overall design had diverged over time and was in need of a review. In the summer of 2015, Spinn was asked to revitalize the Jästbolaget brand to generate greater interest in its products through fresh and inspiring communication targeting both consumers and professional bakers.


increased sales of organic yeast


sold yeast cubes

New communication platform
”The small yeast manifesto for greater baking joy” was the cornerstone of the new communications platform which Spinn developed for Jästbolaget in the fall of 2015.


Trade Press Print Ads
B2B ads educating customers about which yeast product is most suitable for which type of dough.




Print Ad Largest Companies
Advertising was customized by target segment and ran in the newspaper Largest Companies, reaching managers and decision-makers at Sweden’s largest companies.


Store Activation
Point of Sales activation increased consumer interest in Kronjäst’s enhanced sourdough products and newly designed yeast products.

Cinnamon Bun Day
Miscellaneous material for Jästbolaget’s open house event on Cinnamon Bun day 2015, which is celebrated annually in Sweden on October 4th.

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