It’s a Darty!

Kund - Claires

With a mission to cost-effectively drive traffic to Claire’s stores, Spinn presented an event concept called Claire’s Day Time Party (Darty) – an all-day party in the shop with ballyhoo’s and offers. As the main target audience literally spend their lives in social media, we built hype for the event and created organic spread through exciting and sharable posts on Instagram and Facebook. The first round of Claire’s Darty took place in four different stores during the 2016 Easter week, and the result was well worth a week’s hard “partying” with thousands of make up- and accessory-crazy kids.


increase in customers


increased sales

Traffic driving communication in social media
Through teasers, invitations and special offers in Claire’s social media channels, we created a cost-effective hype for the event and high traffic to the stores as a result.

Exploiting the greatness of hashtags
For the event, we created two unique hashtags, #jointhedarty and #clairesdaytimeparty, which were used both before, during and after our Dartys. The result was a great overall impression with lots of user generated content which both drove traffic and built Claire’s brand.


Additional support in internal channels
In addition to social media, the event was also marketed through emails to Claire’s customer club members; on signs and displays in the stores; and in the shopping centers’ own channels.



The D-days
Claire’s Day Time Party was held during four separate days in various stores around Stockholm. In addition to festive decor with disco lighting and red carpets, visitors were treated with goodie bags at the entrance. Once inside the stores, there was an opportunity to try on make-up and fun accessories under the Styled by Claire concept. Visitors could also compete for great prices by taking pictures of their fun looks against a photo wall and share it in social media under our specific hashtags.

Best of all: the result
Combining channel smart and strategic marketing with fun and relevant customer activities and great deals in stores, we increased the conversion rate by 45-82 % during the event days, compared to the corresponding days a few weeks earlier. Add all the “free” brand-building social media posts spread within the target group before, during and after the event we only have one thing to say:

it’s a Darty – and it worked like we hoped to!


Andra case