How do we reach Sweden’s students in 10 seconds?

Kund - SJ

Our assignment was to remind Swedish students that they can buy cheap last-minute travel and always receive a 15% discount. There was just one problem – the time, or rather the lack of time.

SJ wanted creative and engaging communications for social media, Youtube and digital screens at Sweden’s universities and colleges. A limiting detail, the communication should not be longer than 10 seconds.

Someone who knows how to engage the audience in just a few seconds is the internet phenomenon and the king of Vines – Zach King. So, in true Zach King spirit, we created four entertaining and super short videos.

For this campaign, SJ also chose to advertise on Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories. Channels they have never used before.


The traffic to increased from 450 visits per day to 16 000 visits per day during the campaign period. An increase of breathtaking 3 555 percent.


More than every fourth person chose to watch the entire movie on Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories.

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