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How do you create hype around a new non-alcoholic beer in a market where the segment has grown enormously the last years? Reaching a young and hard-to-impress audience? Focusing on digital integration and a musical sponsorship? These were some of the questions that Spinn and Actionist had to deal with when Heineken set to launch their first ever non-alcoholic beer, Heineken 0.0, in Sweden. The answer to all the questions? Heineken Early Sessions.


people reached in total


reactions, comments and clicks

Sweden’s first BW (before work)
A club event felt like a given solution, as it has a natural link to both music and the target audience. But to break the mold and show that the 0.0 is a different Heineken which allows you to enjoy a really good beer, party and have fun regardless of the time of day, we felt we had to do something different. So we chose to start our party at 07:00 in the morning. On a Monday. Mid-morning rush on Stureplan. It proved to be as ingenious as crazy, because the interest in Sweden’s first Before Work Clubbing Experience turned out greater than we could ever have hoped for.

Sponsored posts on Facebook built the hype
To build up excitement about Early Sessions, we released the details about the event such as date, time, location and DJ step by step through separate sponsored posts.


V.I.P. Treatment
Selected influencers received personalized invitations containing a music speaker and were picked up with Über and driven directly to the event in the morning.

Posters painted the city. In a classical club manner, posters were printed and put up all over Stockholm City.

Open to all via livestream
With Heineken 0.0’s brand promise OPEN TO ALL in mind, we livestreamed the event on Stureplan’s big digital screen and Facebook, so that those who could not attend the party still could enjoy and take part of it. Those who watched the live stream via Facebook were also given the chance to win tickets to Summerburst music festival, where Heineken is one of the main sponsors, by taking screenshots of tickets that appeared on screen.

Great attention from all over the world
In addition to filling up Stureplan 1 with hundreds of people and creating lots of reactions from passers-by spectators, the event was also a huge digital success. In total, 1,855,372 people was reached from all over the globe, resulting in over 30,000 reactions, comments and clicks. The two-hour live stream on Facebook resulted in a total of 89,247 watched minutes spread  over 200,000 unique viewers. Thanks to the successful outcome, Heineken has also decided to arrange another Early Session, led again by Spinn and Actionist, in the fall of 2017.


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