Expanding Compression – Scandinavian Style

Kund - Mabs

Making a successful breakthrough into a new category through new sales channels is always a tough challenge. But as market leader, it is often worth the fight.

After 40 successful years of sales in pharmacies, Mabs had built up a market leadership in compression socks, and it was now time for the next challenge: to take medical grade compression technology to the world of sports with a whole new series of compression training wear. Following concentrated work during 2015, Mabs – along with Spinn – launched a collection under the new brand Mabs Comp on sportamore.se and in selected gyms and sport arenas. The key to success lay in a unique position that distinctively differentiated Mabs Comp from the glamorous training romanticism of global brands: outspoken Scandinavian characteristics in product design and sizing and a brand story celebrating everyone taking on the challenging training conditions created by the Scandinavian climate.

Andra case