Expanding Compression – Scandinavian Style

Kund - Mabs

Making a successful breakthrough into a new category through new sales channels is always a tough challenge. But as market leader, it is often worth the fight.

After 40 successful years of sales in pharmacies, Mabs had built up a market leadership in compression socks, and it was now time for the next challenge: to take medical grade compression technology to the world of sports with a whole new series of compression training wear. Following concentrated work during 2015, Mabs – along with Spinn – launched a collection under the new brand Mabs Comp on sportamore.se and in selected gyms and sport arenas. The key to success lay in a unique position that distinctively differentiated Mabs Comp from the glamorous training romanticism of global brands: outspoken Scandinavian characteristics in product design and sizing and a brand story celebrating everyone taking on the challenging training conditions created by the Scandinavian climate.

Fast development process

In less than nine months we went from briefing to idea and a positioning strategy, brand name and logo development, garment design (in collaboration with product design agency TABS), a full communication concept, production of image and product films, print ads and product images.

New clothes in new channels

Mabs Comp launched in December 2015 and was sold through sportamore.se and selected gyms and sport arenas. The first collection included three different types of compression socks and two different compression sets with tights and long sleeve shirts. All garments are of the highest quality and are specially designed for Scandinavian conditions with a number of smart and unique details.

Strong digital presence

Special equipment like compression wear are not the kind of thing consumers buy on impulse. By systematically analyzing and controlling traffic flows online, with a strong focus on search optimization and inspirational material (movies, etc.) in Mabs’ and sportamore.se’s own channels, we could reach the sports fans and guide them to the sales channels. Synergized traffic and conversion at its best.

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