How you get consumers to buy something they don’t think they need

Kund - Compeed

Most of the time someone buy a plaster from Compeed, is when they already starting to get a chafe. But the thing is – that they work as good in preventing purposes. So the question was how we make people to change their behavior- and buy something they normally buy after they have got the chafed feet.

A couple of other challanges we had to deal with was that Compeed, just as many other products, have a lot of competition from cheaper alternatives from private labels. Secondly, it’s predominantly women who buy scabies – even if men have the same need.

Therefore – we were unable to develop communication that were only based on “a good offer”, with the risk of watering the brand over time. We had to develop communication that created sympathy and strengthens Compeed as a brand, in the same time as it is selling. And last but not least, appeal to men as much as women.

Many uses Compeed related to sports. But we wanted people to buy Compeed to occasions when you use shoes which can get you chafes, such as weddings, graduations, parties, and similar events. Fun occasions you defenitly don’t want to associate with sore feet and chafe.

Therefore – we released the new communication concept “Create memories that doesn’t chafe”


acted after have heard the radio-commercial


was positive to the radio-commercial


have a great interest in Compeed's products

Radiospot, 30 seconds with female VO

Radiospot, 30 seconds with male VO

Andra case