Double success in stores and digital

Kund - Cloetta

To reach the youth segment, Cloetta set to launch a new version of the classic Kexchoklad (Cloetta’s popular wafer chocolate) with more chocolate. A tough balancing act in a new category, competing with the market leader in chocolate bars. But Spinn had the solution.

With a modest budget, there was no possibility of high exposure in mass media. Instead, our strategy was to create a campaign which quickly built distribution by involving trade and using the stores as the main medium, with social media as a digital amplifier. The creative solution integrated digital communication with in-store POS material and optimized all tactical possibilities, including an unusual packaging design. Using TV profiles Erik and Mackan as advocates, we launched two identical products in different wrapping to engage young people directly with the strange question, “What is it? A Chocolate Wafer Chocolate or Chocolate Chocolate Wafer? “

Andra case