Beverage Department 2.0



With mission to increase the store’s premium feel and beverage sales, Spinn and Spendrups redesigned ICA Flygfyren’s existing beverage department into a modern and inspiring sales place during the spring of 2015. The result has not only contributed to increased sales in beverages, but also to ICA Flygfyren being appointed ICA Store of the Year 2016 and a roll out of the concept in more stores around Sweden.


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The Key to Success
The goal of the renovation was to improve the shopping experience for the store’s customers, boosting sales both in terms of basic services and campaigns, and enabling a wider range of products in the beverage department. The key to success was creating recognition from bars and pubs while using cost-effective and durable materials in bright colors, as well as rearranging the overall structure so that the department became more transparent and easy to navigate. All shelves were fronted with LED lighting which gave a modern look with well visible products. Great emphasis was also placed on creating easy accessible and effective campaign surfaces adjacent to the natural instore walking path.

Education and Inspiration
In addition to making the department easier to find we also delivered customized image and text materials to inspire and educate beer and beverage interested visitors.

Smart Segmentation for Increased Sales
By distinctively segmenting the products, we could broaden and increase the range of the entire beverage department. Easy-to-see and understand navigation information on the shelves and grab-and-go refrigerators and campaign islands increased sales even further. Another important aspect of the segmentation was to capitalize on the rapidly growing trend for non-alcoholic beer, wine and cider, which were all placed on the department’s largest shelf.

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