A taste of summer

Kund - Arvid Nordquist

For the fifth year in a row, we are arranging a campaign and packaging for Arvid Nordquist summer coffee.

In 2012, Arvid Nordquist approached Spinn for help in increasing the sales of coffee during the summer, a season which usually sees a fall-off in sales.

So, how would we go about increasing sales? Clearer exposure? Higher pressure in the media? Discounts? No, a more cost-effective and better solution was to develop a limited edition which was to be sold only during the summer, in contrast to the competition, which soldiers on with the traditional Christmas coffee.

We decided to use the packaging as the main communication interface. And by totally abandoning the classic packaging colours, we guaranteed that the summer coffee would stand out, and Arvid Nordquist would gain more face on the coffee shelf. Tactical packaging is a smart way of going beyond the standard communications interfaces, which are often limited in stores. And thanks to this, Arvid Nordquist is now selling 150 tonnes of coffee over the summer period.

150 tonnes

summer coffee

Andra case