This year’s most tasteful case – from the design to the movie

Kund - Karo Pharma

When Karo Pharma was about to launch their new oral hygiene product Zippy on the Swedish market – they hired Spinn to help. The overall assignment ranged from the packaging and product design, to producing commercials – which put the product on the map and created broad knowledge all over the country. 


Attractive unisex packaging design with a Nordic feel
Zippy was launched in three versions: one small, convenient mouth spray and a regular mouth wash in two different flavors. The brief was to create a unisex package design, with a light feminine touch, that would stand out in both the pharmacies’ shelves, in the consumers’ bathroom cabinet, and be attractive to take out of your purse.

The end result? A clean, Nordic design with sober colors and a modern look.

Making a big problem less dramatic
Bad breath is very common, and for many a huge problem. The aim of the commercials was to make this issue a little less stigmatized through humor, and show that there is now a product available so you do not have to be ashamed to talk about or fix bad breath.

Same message, but to different target groups
Because the goals was to reach both youths and a middle-aged target group, we created two completely different manuscripts with the collective message “Zip first!”. Both the saying and the different manuscripts have the same underlying message: that it is better to use Zippy before you do something when bad breath can be a big issue – like when you are going to kiss someone or are going to an important business meeting. The commercials are directed by Linda Callenholt and produced in collaboration with FLX and Colony.

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