Top 10 reasons to Tac Pac – using temporary packaging as a campaign tactic

Making changes to product packaging is often perceived as being expensive, difficult and risky. It’s not. It only feels that way because it is so often associated with complex brand overhauls and huge strategic repositioning projects. But it does not have to be like that.

Packaging generates extremely powerful signals in the retail environment, and in digital channels, and from a practical standpoint it is quite easy to redesign some elements to quickly achieve an impact on sales without having to rework the entire strategy.

At Spinn we call this kind of design based activation “Tac Pac”, short for Tactical Packaging. To us Tac Pac is an important part of our toolkit when we create solutions to drive traffic and improve conversion for brands and retailers in integrated campaigns.

Here are 10 great reasons why you should use temporary design changes to product packaging as part of your campaigns.


Top 10 reasons for Tac Pac campaigns:

  1. Revitalizing – Stay aligned with your current brand platform while creating new interest, energy and innovation.
  2. Temporary – Quick to deploy and easy to discontinue after getting maximum attention and a powerful boost in sales.
  3. Creative impact – With full focus on the campaigns’ ability to drive traffic and conversion, instead of trying to reposition the brand, creative solutions are often allowed to become bolder and thus generate greater ROI on media spend.
  4. Retailers love it – And retailers know what works!
  5. Strong campaign presence at POS – Making packaging part of the campaign expression creates immediate recognition between ATL media, POS units and products.
  6. Short time-to-market – When staying aligned with the current brand platform there’s no need to run expensive and time consuming research processes and testing. Stay focused on execution!
  7. Campaign extension – The media budget will only deliver exposure until the money runs out. With packaging as an additional campaign unit every shelf becomes a campaign unit in itself.
  8. PR & digital – New package design frequently drive interest and news value that create opportunities for earned media both in traditional media and in digital channels, particularly if the creative quality of the design is high.
  9. Focus – A sales driving, tactical activation is not meant to transform the brands entire existence. It’s supposed to create a certain valuable association or concrete business effect here and now. Keep your focus, and enjoy swift execution and strong results.
  10. Accountability – Results will be rapid and robust! It is easy to track the impact of the activation efforts for well-focussed TacPac campaigns, which in turn creates insights for future development.