Spinn is the leading omnichannel shopper marketing and brand activation agency
in the Nordic region.

With more than 15 years of experience creating campaigns that influence behaviour and instigate action we know that when experience and insight meet imagination and technology, that’s when Commercial Creativity happens. Through a media neutral and digitally integrated approach we apply our extensive toolbox and creative talents to a wide range of business challenges to drive brand engagement, store and online traffic and, ultimately, sales.

By understanding the behaviour and motivation of people in their unique role as shoppers and in the digital landscape that surrounds their actions both online and in brick’n mortar retail, we deliver creative solutions on a solid base of data-driven insights to influence the entire customer journey from campaign strategy to implementation and ROI assessment.

On brands

A brand is the sum of all the impressions that shape peoples’ perception of a product, person or company. A brand claims its space in the mind and the market through a web of potent connections of meaning between people, businesses and culture. This is why we see brands not only as the means to achieve sales, but as the most powerful tool to manage change and turn it into an advantage in the marketplace.

On sales

We improve conversion in all channels and at all levels. From supporting sell-in with retailers to driving sell-out with shoppers. Through high-impact solutions and superior tactical planning we instigate action and get brands, products and offers noticed and chosen.

What we do

There is only one Spinn. But all work we do is put together from four integrated parts.

Reconnaissance, research and insight

You have to have data, but you also need empathy.
By combining quantitative analysis with qualitative research and the experience of hundreds of campaigns through the years, we perceive patterns, unravel relationships and spy trends to find better answers to better questions. These are the insights that become the vision behind the strategies, the reasoning behind the tactics, and the inspiration for creative solutions.


Strategy and tactics

Strategy and tactics are not questions of ATL vs BTL, or brand vs sales. They are about systematic, creative and critical thinking to explore options and reduce uncertainty in the quest for long and short term effectiveness. At Spinn we have a rich set of tools to explore new concepts and apply new technologies, as well as the experience and wisdom to see where it is better to apply industry best practices or some street smart tricks that have a proven track record.


Creative work and production

Ideas that survive and thrive in a connected world are ideas that spark interest through inspiration, and create brand experiences across all touch-points.
To create success for our clients in multiple channels and markets we look at the business challenge first, not only strategically, but creatively, in search of a commercially sound communications solution that has the potential to fascinate and engage the market. Such solutions have at their core an idea that touches people as much through truth and utility as by igniting their imagination and emotions to instigate action and leverage brand equity.

But a strong concept is not enough. It also requires strong execution. The Spinn studio, which includes digital services and professional video editing and production, works in close cooperation with the creatives to ensure that all components in a campaign are aligned with the concept and executed for maximum impact and effectiveness.


Project reviews and learnings

As well as measuring effectiveness and gaining deeper shopper insights from our work with our clients, it is also important to pay attention to the client-agency interaction during projects. Many of our clients stay with us for many years, and together we exploit the many opportunities for enhanced understanding of the target market as well as refining the cooperative process between agency and client.

Our clients